Whip it , Whip it good Big boy

Whip it , Whip it good Big boy

 I was never a fan of Boy George until he sang the lyrics “Do you wanna hurt me so whip it. I had always had a thing for rough sex but couldn’t find a girl who was that way inclined, until I met my wife.
She is a woman of contrasts, she is a regular church goer, but she loves to wear short skirts and see-through tops. She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but she loves it when I cum in her mouth.

Finally I met the girl of my dreams. It took me nearly 40yrs, but I finally found her, so I married her. She has taken me to a totally new dimension. She doesn’t just suck my cock she virtually eats it, she chews on it like a dog on a bone.

Whip it foreplay

One night our foreplay became extended and she got very hot and wet. While I was licking her pussy she said in a low growl, "bite my cunt:”. So I gave it a little nip, she wanted more and told me to bite her harder. It got so hot that she ended up with teeth marks on her cunt lips and I had deep scratches on my back and her teeth imprint on my cock and balls.

You see, she loved to fuck violently as much as I did. We started to buy some bondage dvd’s, and liked them, from there we began collecting whips, handcuffs, nipple clamps, etc. We even bought a four poster bed so that we could chain each other to the bed.

She laid on our four poster bed and waited for me to come in. I didn’t even know she was there, I was putting away the groceries that we had bought. After about 30 minutes I was wondering where she was so walked through the house looking for her. There she was, as I said, waiting for me naked on the bed with the whip laying next to her.

Open up and take it.

Her legs were spread and I could see that her pussy was dripping. I picked the whip up and swung it, hitting the edge of the bed but not her. She made a disappointing groan. I moved her long black hair off of her back and swung again hitting my target as gently as I could.

She had always been fearful of letting anyone get close to her, thinking that they would make fun of her or belittle her. I understood that she needed to feel and inflict a little pain to ease her inner demons, the pain made her feel alive.

When it is my turn at the other end of the Fantasy Teaser Rubber Whip, it turns her on so much that she is like a madwoman. She sometimes draws blood and when this happens her cunt juices drip down her legs. I gladly give blood at the office for Red Cross, and at home for great sex.