Shipping & COVID

Your Package is on Its Way!

6/9/21  shipping has largely normalized.  Transit times from carriers seem to be stable or at least very close to hitting service level agreements from the carriers.  Three are some occasional spot delays with USPS but for the most part reports of late and or lost packages have been on a steady decline through the spring


2/21/21  Well, just as USPS was starting to align with their service level agreements on transit time weather hit.  We ask for your patience with carriers as they are dealing with a surge in package delivery during this tough time.  As always we continue to monitor it closely and control what we can control.  I have been upgrading shipments based on value where possible at my expense


Shipments with USPS have been closer or meeting their service level transit time agreements over the last two weeks.  While we still see some delays there has been improvement.  We still some some delays in scanning but product is moving through the USPS system better at this point.  We will continue to monitor both the carriers and the impact from COVID.  With the holidays in the rear view mirror the system is still close to or at capacity with volume and or shortages of staff.   UPS and FedEx are meeting service level transit time agreements. 


Packages are starting to move better within the USPS system.  COVID is still causing short staffs in sort centers.  Delays are possible but overall packages this week have been arriving quickly to most parts of the country.  The well documented backlog is delivering from the holidays and we hope to see further improvements next week as the major carriers have capacity free up


We will tell you what other sites may not be saying openly.

USPS is still delayed and is some instances skipping scans.  Packages are still moving.  Please be patient, they are being delivered albeit delayed in some instances.  Some states are seeing more delays than others.  We are doing our best to give an accurate transit time at checkout by padding their standard service level agreements however these are still just an approximate.     

For Saver Shipping once a package is ready for shipment, a tracking email will be sent out and it can take up to 5 days for the information to update as it will be handed off to USPS. UPS mail innovations will carry the package to hand off to your local USPS office. This is typically done in 2 days after it ships. From there it is normally 2-3 days to you but USPS is about 7-10 days to deliver right now depending on your location and in some instances slow to update scans. Sometimes transit time is longer if a specific area has a shortage of trucks or employees locally due to COVID. The good news is our distribution center is getting out orders quickly.

We will continue to monitor any developments with both our shipping center and or carriers.  If we see any impacts beyond what we have stated above we will be sure to update this page.