A Guide To Safe Sex Toy Materials


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A Guide To Safe Sex Toy Materials

Thousand and thousands of toys are body safe and great to play with for anyone who wants to enhance their sex life. We all strive for safety in regards to Sexually Transmitted Infections, (STIs), and unwanted pregnancy – shouldn’t you also look for the best materials on the market? 
At Sexyeone we strive to bring you the best selection of toys that are body safe. The below recommendations and guide help you understand what we look for in toys we sell.  
Sex toy safety is not always the top of mind especially if you are new to using them.  Here are 5 safety tips every sex toy shopper should be aware of 
Many products state they are phthalate-free, but because the industry is largely unregulated, no outside organization checks the veracity of those claims. So one thing to keep in mind is whether the toys you are using are soft and jellylike. Phthalates are used as softeners. They are more likely to be present in squishier toys, made from more porous materials. Porous sex toys are also “more likely to transmit infection,”
  1. Know the materials your toys are made from.  See the guide below for terms and acronyms 
  2. Wash and dry your sex toys regularly and after use . Use a sex toy cleaner as a back up. Most products will tell you specifically how to wash them.
  3. Consider a condom to reduce the risk of infection
  4. Use sex toys as intended.  Do not use household items.  
  5. Buy from a credible company with supply chain traceability to avoid counterfeits. 
    There are sex toy makers and distributors, who work hard to keep customers safe. We partner with who we believe to be the best distributor in the US.  At Sexyeone all products come direct from manufactures and there is no risk for counterfeit products like you could encounter on third party platforms. 
    We are constantly reviewing products we deem questionable. If you have questions on any product just ask us at sales@sexyeone.com 
    The guide below shows from safe to unsafe and material you should avoid.  If you ever have any questions on a product feel free to reach out to us
    The best body safe materials:
    1. Wood
    2. Steel
    3. ABS
    4. Silicone
    5. Glass - Specifically Borosilicate Glass 


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: No |Texture: Soft | Taste/Smell: None or very light plastic smell
    Silicone has become the go-to material for toys,  This is the high grade material customers want.


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: No | Texture: Hard | Taste/Smell: None 
    Borosilicate glass is what you want for body safe.  This is strong and will stand up to stress.  Cheaper made glass may get mini cracks which could then make them porous.  Look for the word Borosilicate for best in class glass products


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: No | Texture: Hard | Taste/Smell: None 


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: No | Texture: Hard | Taste/Smell: None 


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: Possibly | Texture: Hard | Taste/Smell: None or very light plastic smell


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: Sometimes | Texture: Hard | Taste/Smell: None
    If you love a stone sex toys, you have some options. Look for quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst in your stone toys. These are single-crystal materials and don’t have a porous surface. All other crystals are highly porous. 


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: Yes | Texture: Flexible and strong | Taste/Smell: Rubbery
    ThermoPlastics and elastomers, (TPRs or TPEs) are what manufacturers use for to make softer, more malleable pleasure sleeves or masturbators.
    Note - It is still highly porous and proper care is essential. To make sure your toy is safe to use, you have to clean it with water and mild soap and scrub it really well  to make sure the textured, internal center stays safe. Get into every area and crevasse with your finger tips.  
    You cannot fully sanitize toys made of this material. Do not share your toy with anyone at anytime. This soft rubber can hold onto flora from one body to the other.
    Also, make sure that your TPE toys are fully dry before storage to prevent mold from appearing.  We have toy storage options available if you need a place to store them. 


    Body-safe: Yes | Porous: Yes |Texture: Flexible and thin | Taste/Smell: Rubbery 
    Latex used in condoms are held up to higher standards and do not get manufactured the way other latex products are



    Body-safe: No | Porous: Yes |Texture: Flexible and soft | Taste/Smell: Rubbery 


    Body-safe: No | Porous: Yes | Texture: Flexible and soft | Taste/Smell: Oily and rubbery


    Body-safe: No | Porous: Yes | Texture: Flexible and soft | Taste/Smell: Oily and rubbery | 

    If you’re going to use a porous toy, use a condom.

    specifically a latex, specifically a latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condom.

    Condoms made from animal skin don’t protect against STIs.

    If you use latex condoms, use a silicone or water-based lube - oil-based lubes degrade the integrity of the condom and create microscopic holes.
     or polyisoprene condom.

    Condoms made from animal skin don’t protect against STIs.

    Regardless of the material of your toy, you should be washing it before and after each use. How you wash it depends on the material.

    Material Porous or nonporous How to clean Other notes of use
    Silicone Nonporous Motorized: Warm water and soap
    Non-motorized: Can also use boiling water
    Don’t use silicone-based lube.
    Glass and stainless steel Nonporous Warm water and soap or boiling water Glass can be sensitive to temperature changes, so after boiling the toy, let it cool naturally.
    Pyrex and ABS plastic Nonporous Warm water and soap Most of these toys are water-resistant, not water-proof. Don’t submerge them under water.
    Elastomer, latex, jelly rubber Porous Room temperature water and a soapy washcloth Even if used alone, these should be used with a condom.
    Make sure the soap is gentle and non-scented
    If you have a question on any product we can help research and or verify materials used to produce a product.  We recommend using filters or the search features to sort to known and identified body safe products and materials.
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