Getting It On At A Backpackers With The Cleaning Lady

Getting It On At A Backpackers With The Cleaning Lady


I was sitting in my wooden hut, rolling a cigarette and enjoying the peace and quiet of the early evening when I heard a dull thud sound against my outer wall. This was followed by some heavy breathing and kissing sounds, the sounds of backpacker sex.

Further investigation revealed that the owner was forcing a young cleaner to suck him off. I had the talent of spotting hot girls and she looked smoking hot when I arrived earlier that day. We had a little flirt and she left.

Backpacker sex with cleaning lady
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I wanted to see Europe in my gap year, but had more motivation than seeing the museums and highlights of this continent, I had heard all about Back Packer sex.

I phoned the owner on his mobile phone and asked him to come to reception immediately. As he rushed off, I simply opened my cabin door and invited the young girl inside with a wide grin.

The Hot Cleaning lady

She smiled back with a twinkle in her eye and within minutes she was working my rod in her hot mouth. She sucked me like a pro and took every inch deep down her throat. I started loosening her bra while she was down there and she followed suit by loosening her skirt and panties herself.

As I pulled her up to my chest, all of her clothing simply fell to the floor and she was totally nude in my arms. Her beautiful white skin smelled of flowers as I licked my way all over. I lifted her up and she immediately grasped what I wanted. She took the rafter above her and hung like a real model.

My mouth was at the perfect level now to really work her pussy well. My tongue teased and worked into her shaven pussy, driving her closer to her orgasm with every flick of my tongue. She squeezed my head with her thighs as she lifted her legs onto my shoulders to offer me a full feast.

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I let her slip down slowly all the way down my own naked body until I slipped deep inside her. We fucked in the standing position for quite a while, but eventually I felt my knees going week so we simply fell over onto the bed and kept on fucking. She met my strokes with her lifted pelvis, allowing me to drive deep inside her.

She caught me by surprise and slipped from under to the top position. It was clear that this girl had enough of my slow and deep fucking and wanted a ride on the wild side. The little devil rode my cock so hard and so deep into her I felt like exploding.

I often wondered how long she would have kept this up if she was not called to the office. My sexy youngster slipped off me and into her overall like a pro and slipped into the night, leaving me desperately hard and horny.