Ask The Sexperts About Dildos


What Material Are Dildo's Made From?

You can find dildos made from all sorts of material. The most common materials are plastic, thermoplastic elastomer, and silicone. However, there are all sorts of materials available, so just check the product description on a specific dildo. You may even want to try a glass dildo for weight and sensation play.

Should I Use Lubricant With Dildos?

In general, it’s a good idea to add lubricant any time penetration is involved. Although vaginas are self-lubricating, a lubricant offers additional slickness that makes penetration even easier, and it’s a must-have for anal play. Remember that although silicone lubricants are popular, you should only use water-based lubricants with silicone toys.

What’s the Difference Between Vibrating Dildos and Vibrators?

Vibrating dildos and vibrators definitely have a significant amount of crossover, especially when it comes to classic vibrators. The biggest difference is that vibrators tend to have a huge variety of shapes and sizes, like bullet vibrators and clitoral vibrators, whereas vibrating dildos simply offer an additional form of stimulation during penetration.