The Hard Surprise! A Genuine Gender Bender Story.

The Hard Surprise! A Genuine Gender Bender Story.

Ethan had every reason to celebrate that day. He had made good at a very difficult assignment and got some rave reviews that came late in the day, but were well-deserved. Now he wanted someone he could relax with, but he was not that lucky. He was not in any relationship right now. He was definitely not thinking Genuine Gender Bender Story..

Then he got an idea. He remembered his older bro who had now moved out had a little hot phone directory. He never found out how he had got hold of that directory, but he knew that it had the numbers of some of the hottest chicks in town. He put a stool and reached out over the cupboard and got the dirty book.

He got the black book and made himself some vodka. He was getting horny even as he was reading the names. He was picturing the sexiest of chicks with those names! And then he saw a name he could not resist for some reason. Pamela! Perhaps it reminded him of Ms A.

Not thinking Gender Bender in the least.

He called the number. There was an answer. “Hello, Georgina here.” Ethan gasped. The voice was enough to knock a man down. “E… Ethan here. I found you in a black book my partner used to keep.” Th! ere was a slight chuckle at the other end. “So what are you looking at?” she asked. Ethan said, “I am in the mood for some fun tonight. What will it cost me?” More laughter. “You come straight to the point, don’t you? Anyway, $300 does well for the night!”

Nate couldn’t stop himself. “Come over,” he said, and gave his address. “I will,” Jenna said, “But be prepared – I will bring a surprise for you!”

She came at 10. Nate was already going mad waiting for her. When she came, she was the most beautiful chick he had ever laid eyes on. Skin as white as glow! She moved directly into the inner room. “You’re hot!” Nate told her. “Well,” Jenna said, “You haven’t seen the half of it!”

She removed her top and her boobs spilled out. Nate got an immediate hard-on. These creamy boobs were the size of melons. He got hot just looking at them and almost came. And then she came and unzipped his shorts and fondled his cock. That was explosive like hell! “Don’t let go,” Nate mumbled.

Is that a cock or a cucumber.

After bringing Perce to a point from where he could not step back, Pamela pushed him away. Then, in a very sexy way, she unhitched her skirt. As she slid it down, Perce could not believe himself. He rubbed his eyes. What he saw there was a huge cock! “This is the surprise, love,” she said sexily.

“No way,” said Perce strongly. “Oh, don’t be such a prude, Percy,” she said. “Guys love this thing, I have seen how it makes them wild. Come let me show you what I can do!” Perce felt a strange fascination of shedding his inhibitions. Then she suddenly held him in a strong grip, made him bend over and pulled his shorts down.

The first minute was of excruciating pain, but the transgender surprisingly held him strongly. She entered him with brute force and slowly, he began liking it. It was good feeling the warm thing sliding into his ass.

Perce would never forget that night as long as he lived he had experienced his first Gender Bender. It was not a total goner; in retrospect, he actually liked what was done to him!