The Day The Wife brings a Friend Home

The Day The Wife brings a Friend Home

He was so happy to be his birthday that he nearly peed his pants. Rob, at 36, shouldn’t consider birthdays a big deal anymore. But this was something very special. Jill, his wife, promised him a gift for his birthday that would be even more extraordinary than last year.

His birthday present was to wake up every morning with Jackie holding his cock and his arms bound to the bed. He can’t think of anything better.

After opening the door, he shouted “Honey! I’m home!”

He heard her shout, and he grinned anticipatory.

Since leaving work Rob has had a hard cock. But the moment he saw him, he was rock-hard. His sexy and toned blonde wife was tying a brunette to their bed. Both were wearing three-inch heels and slutty string underwear. The brunette lay on her back, with her legs crossed and her thighs open.

“Sit down,” his wife ordered, pointing at a chair right in front of him. He was stripped to the waist, and she cupped his cock. She then licked the bed from the top. ROB shuddered as he was about to get a shock, his mouth moving over the head of his cock and she teasingly bit the flesh. Spencer was already rock-hard and it didn’t take him long to explode.

Jill said, “Now that your horny is less, you can sit back and watch the show.” She then walked back to her bed. Jill, his wife of five years, began stripping the brunette and sucking all over. Jackie seemed to enjoy her new girlfriend, licking her tits and pointing at the brunette’s shaved pussy. Jackie was playing with her tits while Jill’s tongue moved lower.

Rob relaxed and rubbed his cock, which returned to life in less than 10 minutes. He accompanied the two women to their orgasms, with his cum-spreading sprays all over.

Jill untied the brunette when he looked again at his wife. He smiled at her and she looked at him. Rob, it’s your turn.