The Unicorn Suprise

By: Dahlia Dreams

The apartment was empty when I got home except for Marla, of course. She lounged on the window sill and watched me with sleepy meadow-green eyes. I walked over and scratched her behind the ears before heading straight for the shower. I stripped and let the water dissolve all of my tension.

I walked over to the bedroom. The towel covered my eyes as I dried my hair, which is why I didn’t see him when he approached me and circled his hands around my hips. A yelp burst from my lips and threatened to grow into a scream when the towel was pulled from my grasp and his lips slipped past my wet dark hair to my ear lobe.

“Easy,” he soothed, his hands finding mine. The towel sank to the floor.

“Are you kidding. Why would you do that-” I wore my short black robe. It was thin cotton, draping across my curves and leaving my slick cleavage exposed.

“Look on the bed,” he interrupted.

My jaw dropped at the sight.

“Mark, you didn’t.” I was still trying to understand what I was looking at. All I knew was that it looked naughty and expensive.

“Oh, yes I did.” His fingers trailed down and played with the edges of my robe.

“How much did you-”

“Shhhh,” he whispered.

“You shhh. Money’s tight right now.”

“Not as tight as your pussy,” he quipped, his fingers finding my soft, pliable clit. My breath was cut short as he explored me and I finally let myself relax into him.

“I’m not sure it will be tight anymore if I get on that,” I said with some effort as he flicked my clit like a lighter.

“Oh, come on, give it a try,” he persuaded, biting my ear. I shivered as he slid the robe off my shoulders. I could feel his eyes travel down my naked body, past my tattoos and along the plump slippery slopes of me. I approached the bed and crawled over the white faux fur comforter.

It was erect and ready for me. The dildo was translucent with a rainbow swirling through it, perched on top of a saddle-shaped box with pink switches. The dildo was faced away from me which confused me but Mark was close behind. He helped me onto it before I could give my questions any further thought.

The dildo pierced me as I slowly swallowed it up. I adjusted my footing and it slipped deep into me.  My pussy gave a wet squelch as I perched on top and moaned. Mark chuckled behind me and held me by the hips.

“Absolutely perfect,” he divulged. I wish I could see his mischievous smile, but he was still behind me, fumbling with something. My pussy clenched as I attempted to turn but before I could, the dildo became a raging inferno of vibrations. My whole body shook as it thundered and a yell sky-rocketed from my lips.

The vibrations switched patterns and purred into my pussy. I squirmed and bucked as if that would calm the ocean of pulses. I thought my pussy was going to burst. My thighs were swampy and drenched with my drippy juices. I heard a click behind me and the cock launched inside me, meeting my sloppy thrusts.

 The artificial cock surged and twisted through me. My pussy smothered its chaotic surging movements and I struggled to contain my gurgling groans.  I thought I would fly off it like a cat in a tornado.

I imagined Mark watching me like a villain in an old movie. He might as well have been chewing on a cigar with fire in his eyes. I knew he was enjoying the view. What I didn’t expect was him to test my limits further.

He plugged something in my ass and I screeched. It was his thumb. No surprise that it was somewhere it didn’t belong. It had been so long since we had indulged in ass play, that I almost forgot it was an option. Obviously, he had not.

I couldn’t speak. My pussy was being bashed to submission by the dildo and I was getting even more wet from the prospect of him plucking at my asshole. My pussy twitched and absorbed another round of knocks from the dildo as his thumb vanished. I almost sighed with relief when something else stretched my ass out.

It was round and solid, trespassing into my raw ass. I looked back in disbelief as a toy that looked like two pink silicone bubbles fused together disappeared into my tight ass.

“Enjoy the view?” He taunted me as another series of vibrations soared into me. This time they tormented my ass, which was trying to bolt itself shut again around the handle of the toy. The dildo and the butt toy were vibing at different speeds and patterns. My eyes were rolling back as I took all of it.

I wasn’t sure how to move my hips any more or if I would even be able to speak after this kind of pounding. My clit was swollen and scrunched up, ready for release but everything was too chaotic for me to concentrate on any one sensation.

I expected Mark to keep switching modes on each remote, but instead they stayed steady. That’s when I heard a pop as the toy in my ass slipped out and his familiar ridged dick replaced it.

“You didn’t think I would be able to resist, did you?” His hands were on my hips, pulling me back. The raging dildo tilted up at a different angle and I suppressed another shriek as his cock pummeled my ass without restraint. To my surprise, my ass took his cock with less complaint than the bubble toy.

His cock soared upward, crash landing and packing me full to the brim. I bit my lip as his hands let go of my hips. They found my hands and pulled them behind my back, crossing my wrists and rendering them immobile.

My tits were smacking down on my chest with deafening slaps and my lips were wet from spit as my holes were pulverized.

“I knew you could take both at once,” he said. “I can’t wait to fill your sweet little ass with cum.”

I shivered as his thrusts became more persistent and a groan escaped his lips. 



This story was inspired by the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

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