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Buying sex toys on 3rd Party Platforms? – Risk to your health & wallet!

Counterfeit Adult Toys - Is the price to good to be true?


Marketplaces have a very big audience for sex toys.  Often times search engines will drive traffic to Ebay or Amazon with the appeal of low cost, branded shipping and the trust in these platforms.   Everything looks perfect and legit, but unfortunately there is a huge problem that Ebay's money back guarantee and Amazon A-to-Z guarantee will not save you from.

Counterfeit Sex Toys!  Like most industries counterfeiting is very real.

Yes, these platforms are flooded with low quality cheap adult toys. They can also made of unknown, non tested and dangerous materials that will harm your health.

I get offers almost every other week from offshore companies.  They are trying to sell us sex toys that mimic almost all biggest sex toy manufacturer that are selling their adult toys in USA. Some of them also mimic packaging, so it is really hard to tell that product is counterfeit.  We do not engage as all our products are sourced via authorized channels.

Prices on these platforms that they are offering for their products are only fraction of price that a authentic manufacturer would sell their products to franchised distributors for.

Furthermore they also claiming that products are  made from body safe and FDA tested materials, which it’s not true in most cases.  Always ask yourself if this price is to good to be true or is this discount to big?

Counterfeit sellers only need to mimic a manufacturer's UPC or ASIN code and copy it into their product.  Then all they do is steal pictures and you have a counterfeit listing the algorithms will show.

There is no doubt, Amazon is a trendsetter in e-commerce world. It also comes with some sort of trust among the customers and that’s why it’s a gold mine for fraud. Because of their FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon), customers can enjoy fast and cheap shipping to almost any part of states.

Fulfilled by Amazon means that sellers ship their products to one of 70+ amazon fulfillment warehouses.  Amazon is simply a fulfillment center in this situation, not quality control.

Bottom line there is risk involved from buying from these platforms.  If you see pricing to good to be true it probably is because many of the brands have minimum advertised price guidelines.

Tips for buying:

  • Avoid purchasing sex toys on marketplaces, especially on Amazon
  • Spend a few bucks more and purchase your new pleasure object with the retailer that you can trust
  • Purchase only at retailers that offer manufacturer warranty and are willing to tell you where did they get their products from (directly from manufacturer or distributor)
  • Always check the product that you`ve got and contact the manufacturer or distributor if you will have any doubts. Manufacturers and distributors exactly know who sells their products. If the retailer that you purchase your new adult toy from is not on the manufacturer or distributor list, then this is a huge sign that something is wrong. I would suggest avoiding any purchase from such a retailer, because it is a huge risk that you will end with dangerous counterfeit sex toy.

Here at Sexyeone ALL adults products are sourced directly from manufacturers and flow through franchised channels.   We do not sell on EBAY or Amazon.  Everyone wants to get products at the best price but there is no free lunch with adult toys and or make sure you do your due diligence if you do use those platforms.  This is not to say there is not legitimate product  on these platforms. Do your due diligence on a price to good to be true!

Happy Shopping From Sexyeone! 



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